EFM Gives back to the Community

stdavischeckThe Englewood Farmers Market was conceived as a project by the community and for the community.

Beginning in October, the Englewood Farmer’s Market and EC4S will donate $500.00 per month for each of the seven months the market is in operation to St. David’s Episcopal Church located here in Englewood . The money is specifically designated to be used for their food pantry program that feeds hundreds of needy families each month. In addition, St. David’s also has a backpack program that provides two backpacks per month for around 60 children. The food is used on weekends by the children.
With the addition of their new Jubilee Center , St. David’s also offers shelter for up to 20 individuals a night when weather conditions turn severe. The entire operation is run by Pat Knox who performs an incredible job at St. David’s, day in and day out. She has compassion for those in need and realizes that especially when there are families involved it is critical that the children have enough food to eat.
A number of the EFM vendors will also donate food products to St. David’s at the end of each market. “It’s a great way to help and give back to our community by partnering with St. David’s Food Pantry” stated Don Musilli, Chair for EC4S. A special presentation to St. David’s Episcopal Church is scheduled at this week’s Englewood Farmer’s Market, 300 block of W. Dearborn St. , on Thursday October 25th at 11:00 AM. For more information please contact Mr. Lee Perron, Market Manager, at 941 548-7843 or @ lee.perron@comcast.net

Our donation to St. David’s Food Pantry is token of our appreciation for your support. Thank you Englewood for supporting and making our market a success.

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