How does EFM plan to practice social distancing?

    Vendor booths will be spaced at a minimum of six (6) feet apart from one another.

    EFM will set-up caution tape where necessary in between booths to discourage customers from walking in between booths or into traffic.

    Booth set-up minimizes a customer’s ability to touch products (ropes, tables, cones, sneeze guards). Customers may self-select produce when wearing a mask while following the rules of social distancing, “shop with your eyes not hands”, and “take what you touch”.

    Vendor booths will have markers for 6 feet of social distancing for customers that walk up and are in line.

    Vendors will have a “Pick Up Table” or use existing counter space for placing product for pick-up and receiving payment separate from product display.

    Customers will be instructed to walk directionally and shop on the right at vendor tents and walk through the market in the center of the pedestrian walkway

    There will not be dining, seating or gathering areas within the market site.

    EFM staff will constantly be monitoring the market site traffic and encouraging customers to keep moving to avoid overcrowding.

    When market site attendance approaches crowds that inhibit effective social distancing, VFM staff will have a click-counter tool to track and control the number of people (entering and exiting) in the market. Staff will communicate via 2-way radios at market entrances/exits as customers enter and exit.

    EFM will place signage around the perimeter of the market between the street and sidewalks directing customers to use entrances at W. Dearborn St. and Green St. only.  

    Ask customers to please conclude shopping the market if they are shopping for an extended period (more than 30 minutes).

    In preparation of lines forming with walk-up customers, VFM will have 6-foot pavement markers outside of both entrances of the market. EFM to display instructional signs “Line Forms Here” and “maintain 6 feet for social distancing”.

    Customer Code of Conduct signs posted at each entrance to the market site.

    Customer friendly signage displayed throughout the market as reminders.

    Will there be handwashing/sanitizing stations?

    Yes, Vendors are required to have their own hand sanitization station. For customers, EFM will have handwashing/sanitizing stations at each entrance to the market located at W. Dearborn St. and Green St.

    EFM will check every 30 minutes that there is adequate soap and paper towels and/or sanitizer at all EFM handwashing/sanitization stations and refill as necessary. All hand washing/sanitization stations will meet health guidelines.  EFM will provide hand sanitizer for customers, vendors and staff at each entrance, our info booth and the exit.

    Can I bring my dog to the market?

    Please keep your pets at home (unless service animal).

    What sanitation procedures are in place?

    Staff and Vendors will clean and disinfect all “high-touch” surfaces including tabletops, phones, keyboards, and cash register counters (at minimum every 30 minutes).

    Will there be restrooms for the public? 

    There will be restrooms located at the southwest area of the plaza.

    Will vendors be practicing new safety guidelines? 

    Yes, here is a list of new procedures our vendors will follow to ensure health safety:

    The selection of vendors will be consistent with existing Vendor Handbook located on the EFM website @ www.englewoodfarmersmaket.org 

    Except for produce and agricultural products, all food and bakery items will be packaged prior to customer purchase.  Non-food items will be packaged, wrapped or bagged.

    Vendors are required to wear PPE, facemasks and gloves at all times.

    Vendors and staff are required to self-evaluate their health status prior to coming to market. This includes not coming to work sick and/or exhibiting COVID 19 symptoms.

    Vendors and staff are required to report if they have had contact with anyone who has tested positive with COVID 19 and to request a two-week absence to self-quarantine. 

    Vendor booths will have markers for 6 feet of social distancing, provided by vendors, for customers that walk up and are in line.

    Vendors will have a “Pick Up Table” or use existing counter space to place orders for pick up.

    Encourage the use of on-line order and prepayment, credit/debit cards and contactless payment. If cash is used, we ask that vendors round up to the nearest dollar to limit the need for change.

    SNAP customers will place their payment tokens in separate plastic bags provided by VFM staff when making payment to vendors. EFM staff will collect the bags at the end of market. Tokens will be sanitized prior to re-issue.

    Vendors should encourage customers to use credit/debit cards. Credit cards, clipboards, and terminals shall be sanitized after each transaction.

    Handling money/market currency and food handling are separate (I.e.: there is one staff member handling food and another staff member that is handling money… adjoining vendors may share staff to handle money). 

    Only the necessary staff are working

    No sampling, no selling consume-on-premises food and no refilling reusable containers.

    Vendors wash their hands, change their gloves and sanitize their counters, tables, and work space frequently.

    Vendors must handle produce (except where customer is wearing a mask and follows the customer code of conduct rules) and product for shoppers.

    All booths have a hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol.

    Vendors must use plastic or vinyl tables and/or coverings for easy sanitizing.

    Vendors must wash hands after using the restroom, touching their face, sneezing, using a tissue, before and after eating, and after handling money.

    VFM staff will perform periodic checks of all vendors’ booths each hour. Any vendor that does not follow their pre-approved set-up will be required to stop selling and immediately correct the issue.

    During the periodic checks, if staff observes possible COVID 19 symptoms among vendors or staff, vendor and/or staff temperature will be taken with a contactless thermometer.

    Before a vendor can sell, EFM staff will review each vendor booth for proper social distancing setup.

    Vendors must clean and disinfect all “high-touch” surfaces every 30 minutes, such as (but not limited to) tabletops, phones, keyboards, cash register counters, handwashing sinks, card readers; and trash cans frequently. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registered products that clean (removes germs) and disinfect (kill germs) must be used.

    For Proper Handling of Disinfectants and Waste, vendors must ensure that:

    Chemicals are used in a well-ventilated area and not mixed with incompatible chemicals

    No chemical contact with food during cleaning

    Waste is disposed safely a in a secure trash container provided by the vendor

    Customer Code of Conduct

    STAY HOME if I am sick or if I have been in contact with someone who is sick.

    Make a shopping list before visiting the market.

    Pre-order and prepay vendors if possible @ www.englewoodfarmersmarket.org 

    Designate one shopper per household.

    Leave my pet at home unless it is a service dog.

    Be alert! I will notice modifications and signs and adhere to them.

    Not touch products, but instead, ask a vendor for what I would like.

    Maintain 6 feet of space at all times. I will look for physical cues like tape, chalk, and signs to help remind me.

    Shop quickly and efficiently – 30 minutes or less

    Use the provided hand sanitizer and/or hand wash stations at the market.

    Avoid touching my eyes, nose, mouth, and face in general.

    Cover my cough or sneeze with a tissue, then dispose of it. Then wash my hands.

    Wear a face mask if you have one available, necessary for hand selecting produce, “shop with your eyes not your hands”, “take what you touch”

    Be the most responsible shopper I can possibly be!

    Take a photo of this sign as your reminder!

  • FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (2/10/2012) by The Market


    Where is the market located, which day and what are the hours?

    The market is located in historic downtown Englewood at 300 Dearborn Street, Englewood, Florida 34223. The market takes place every Thursday from first week of October through the end of May except Thanksgiving from 9 AM to 2 PM.

    Why isn’t the market on a weekend?

    In order to attract the best vendors in our region, we needed to pick a week day. The best and most popular vendors are already committed to other regional farmers markets during the weekend.

    Isn’t a weekday market inconvenient for those who are working?

    We know that a weekday presents challenges so we planned our hours to cross what would be the lunch break for most of our hard working folks in the community. We hope you’ll be able to shop and grab a quick and delicious lunch on Dearborn Street. Or bring your brown bag lunch, have seat and listen to our live performing musicians during your shopping trip!

    Is the Englewood Farmers Market a non-profit organization?

    Our farmers market is a not for profit enterprise operating as a chapter of the Friends of Sarasota County Parks Inc. which is a federally qualified 501(c)3 independent nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of the parks, recreation areas and natural resources. The Englewood Farmers Market donates their proceeds after operating costs to community non-profit organizations that add value to the quality of life for the residents of our local community.

    How can I volunteer with the Englewood Farmers Market?

    I’m so glad you asked! Our organization has many opportunities for potential volunteers. Some of types of jobs where community members are needed are: 1. Site setup before the market which includes hanging banners, laying out the vendor booths and setting out our flags, 2. Staffing our booth during the market requiring assisting in setting up our tent and tables and being available to answer questions, hand out literature and sales for our EFM logo products, 3. Participating in our marketing and public relations efforts through the delivery of flyers, community outreach to various organizations in our region, and 4. Assisting with the organizing and filing for the market’s survey and other data collection activities.

    How do I contact the Englewood Farmers Market?

    Feel free to visit our website at www.englewoodfarmersmarket.org  You may also call (941) 445-9209 or e-mail us at info@englewoodfarmersmarkt.org

    How can vendors participate in the market?

    Upon visiting our website at www.englewoodfarmersmarket.org, look on the right site of the page and locate the green box with the orange button that reads: “Download Vendor Forms Here”. From the drop down menu, select to download a vendor application. After completing the vendor application, you may scan it and return via e-mail or by mail to the address located on the application. You may also contact us by phone (941) 445-9209 or via e-mail at vendors@englewoodfarmersmarket.org

    How are vendors selected for the market?

    The EFM organization has selected a review committee who reviews each application. Authenticity and quality of product, vendor experience, and community desirability are key elements in the decision-making process. The main focus of the market is fresh produce, prepared foods, plants, flowers and products that support the farm to table culinary movement such as spices and cooking oils. The vast majority of these products would not be available through local retail outlets. The committee looks closely for diversity in our product availability while avoiding unnecessary duplication.

    Do vendors need licenses and/or permits?

    Depending on the type of product that the vendor chooses to sell, they each need to have the required state and/or county permits and licenses. Some vendors are required to have refrigeration and portable sinks where specific food handling is performed. If sales tax is collected then a Sarasota sales tax certificate is required. The best resources for what is required is the Florida agricultural department which can be contacted @ www.florida-agriculture.com and the Sarasota tax office which can be contacted @ www.sarasotataxcollector.com

    Do vendors need insurance?

    Yes. Each vendor is required to have liability insurance. You must add Sarasota County and the Friends of Sarasota County Parks as an additional insured and certificate holders. The legal entities for the Englewood Farmers Market for liability insurance are as follows:

    Sarasota County Government              Friends of Sarasota County Parks
    Attn: Risk Management                         234 Nippino Trail E, unit 101
    1660 Ringling Blvd., 3rd Floor              Nokomis, FL 34275
    Sarasota, FL 34236