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Thursday 9am to 2pm

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  • A Non-Profit Organization

    Serving Englewood since 2011

  • Fresh Fruits

  • Fresh Baked Goods

  • Organic Produce

  • Giving Back To Our Community


EFM Logo Contest Finalists

The EFM Logo Contest is coming to a close this Thursday, April 12th. The 4th and 5th graders of the Englewood Elementary School have taken this contest to heart and 91 entries were received by the Englewood Farmer’s Market committee in order to be judged. A task that we enjoyed very much! The EFM committee selected 25 finalists from which a winner(s) was picked. The winning entry, along with all of the finalists, will be on display at the Elsie Quirk Public Library for two weeks following the announcement of the winner. In addition, his/her artwork will be used on some of our special promotional items for next season, starting in October. Don’t miss this wonderful event, this Thursday at the market!!

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