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These little kiddies went to market (Englewood Farmers Market)

ENGLEWOOD — The Englewood Farmers Market was alive and buzzing with the rhythm of swelling crowds moving through stands of colorful produce and fresh-baked goods.    Kim Douglas’ class of 18 second- graders from Englewood Elementary School added to the mix when they met up with market manager Lee Perron for a guided tour of the market. Over the past weeks, each of the five EES second-grade classes has had the chance to take a walking field trip to the market on Dearborn Street. Douglas’ class took its turn on Feb. 20 and other groups have followed in its footsteps.  “They get to see all the produce and farm products outside of a grocery story,” Perron said. “It was eye-opening. A lot of them had not seen that before.”  Leading the class through the market, Perron stopped at several vendors’ booths for a quick lesson and to sample an array of goodies. Eager to try the tiny green leaves, they first munched on broccoli sprouts from Simply Organics.    John Weil, from Weil Farms, held the children’s attention with an animated lesson about raw honey. He accepted a wide range of guesses before revealing that a honey bee makes about a quarter teaspoon of honey in its lifetime. Moving through the market with a new appreciation for hardworking honey bees, the group visited the Dufour Family Farms stand known as The Herb Guys.    Students clapped for Vaughn Dufour who previously donated flats of herbs and vegetables to plant in the schoolyard gardens. During the school year, students tend to the gardens weekly and have harvested and eaten food grown from Dufour’s seedlings. Every hand in the class went out as Jacob Rhoads from Rhoads Produce handed out apples.    The employees at Jonesez BBQ generously served free barbecue sandwiches to the entire class. After a short break in the shade, the second- grade class listened to a science lesson about erupting corn kernels as they patiently waited for a salty sweet sample of kettle corn. Students even got to bring home a sample treat for their dog or cat courtesy of Wood ‘n Purr gourmet pet treats.    With their tummies full, the class made its way out of the market and back down the sidewalk toward school. “My favorite part was the orange juice,” second-grader Nicole Thomas said reflecting on a variety of tasty morsels she sampled that morning.


Olivia Roberts tries some broccoli sprouts at the Englewood Farmers Market as her second-grade class from Englewood Elementary School tours the market last week. Market manager Lee Perron has been providing tours for the last two weeks, and will continue into March.


Englewood Elementary School second-grade teacher Kim Douglas, left, smiles as her class answers questions on a tour of the Englewood Farmers Market last week. EES students will continue touring the market through March.


Emily Troup explains to Karen Dowd’s second-graders about her organic farm and the foods they produce.



John Weil, a bee keeper for more than 30 years, takes a question from second-grader Gabe Todaro, regarding how long it takes for bees to create a honeycomb.


Karen Dowd’s second-grade class at Englewood Elementary School gets prepared to walk to the Englewood Farmers Market Thursday. The special field trip to the market gave kids the opportunity to learn about various foods and meet several of the people who work at the market.


Emily Troup explains to Karen Dowd’s second-graders about her organic farm and the foods they produce.


Lilly Delfino admires a couple of sunflowers at the Englewood Farmers Market›on Thursday. Delfino and her classmates had a special field trip from Englewood Elementary to the farmers market to learn about the market and the various foods and products that can be purchased.

Press Release: Florida Strawberry Tasting Event at the Englewood Farmers Market on January 30th 2014!

strawberry-tastingIt’s strawberry time in Florida so make plans to participate in the first annual Strawberry Tasting Event at the Englewood Farmers Market! The tasting event is free of charge. Renowned agricultural expert Dr. Robert A. Kluson, Ph.D. from the University of Florida Extension in Sarasota County will be conducting locally grown strawberry tastings at the Englewood Farmers Market on January 30th, 2014 beginning at 9:30 AM. The market is located in the 300 block of historic W. Dearborn Street in Englewood.

These activities will include surveys of customer preferences of different varieties from the UF/IFAS Strawberry Breeding Program, Honeyside Farms in Sarasota County and the O’Brian Family Farm in Manatee County. The tasting and customer surveys will provide valuable input to these UF/IFAS fruit breeding programs. Dr. Kluson stated “I really look forward to bringing these activities to the Englewood Farmers Market as the Extension’s way of increasing the public’s awareness of Florida’s fruit industry and supporting our local farmers.”

For more information please contact: Lee A. Perron, Market Manager, Englewood Farmers Market @ 941 548-7843 or via e-mail @ info@englewoodfarmersmarket.org“>info@englewoodfarmersmarket.org

Recipe of the month: “STRAWBERRY TIRAMISU”

strawberry tiramisuPrep Time: 20 Minutes

Serves: 8

1 cup strawberry jam    
1/2 cup warm water    
1/3 cup orange juice    
1/4 cup Grand Marnier, plus one tablespoon extra    
1-1/4 pounds mascarpone, at room temperature    
1-1/3 cups whipping cream (35%)    
3 tablespoons sugar    
1 teaspoon vanilla extract    
ladyfingers (you’ll need about 50)    
1-1/2 to 2 pounds strawberries, washed, dried and sliced    
2 tablespoons lemon zest

1 –  In a bowl, combine the jam, water, orange juice and half of the Grand Marnier. Mix well. Set aside    
2 –  In another bowl, combine the mascarpone and the remaining Grand Marnier. Mix well. Set aside.    
3 –  In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat the whipping cream with the sugar, vanilla extract and remaining 1 tablespoon of Grand Marnier. Beat until stiff peaks form.
4 – Take a quarter of the whipped cream mixture and stir into the mascarpone to lighten the mascarpone. Then add the remaining whipped cream mixture and fold gently into the mascarpone mixture. Set aside.    
5 – Spread 1/2 of the jam mixture in the bottom of a 13 x 9-inch baking dish. The mixture will be very liquidy but don’t worry about it. The ladyfingers will absorb the liquid.    
6 – Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of the lemon zest over the jam mixture.    
7 –  Line the bottom of the dish with ladyfingers, making sure to fill in every spot. If you have to snap the ladyfingers into smaller pieces in order to make them fit.     
8 – Spread half of the mascarpone mixture evenly over the ladyfingers.     
9 – Layer half of the sliced strawberries over the mascarpone.    
10 – Spread the remaining jam mixture over the strawberries.    
11 – Sprinkle the remaining 1 tablespoon of lemon zest over the strawberries and jam.    
12 – Create a second layer of ladyfingers over the strawberries and jam. Again be sure to completely fill in the layer.    
13 – Spread the remaining mascarpone mixture over the ladyfingers.    
14 – Layer the remaining strawberries on top. Chill for at least 12 hours before serving.     

This is the perfect time to make strawberry desserts in Florida…Strawberry season is here!!! 

Olive Oils of the World

Olive Oil Of The World is one of many amazing vendors at the Englewood Farmers Market that is held every Thursday Oct to April 9am to 2pm. You can find Venus Veggies online at www.oliveoiloftheworld.com or on Facebook

The Herb Guys

“The Herb Guys” Dufour Family Farms is one of many amazing vendors at the Englewood Farmers Market that is held every Thursday Oct to April 9am to 2pm.

Weil Farms – Honey

Our own local Honey Guy…

Advance Bromeliad Culture

Advanced Bromeliad Culture is one of many amazing vendors at the Englewood Farmers Market that is held every Thursday Oct to April 9am to 2pm.

Richard’s Candy Company

Richard’s Candy Company has some amazing stuff. Come check them out at the Englewood Farmers Market every Thursday from Oct toApril. 9am to 2pm. Come check out Richard’s Candy Company as well as all the other amazing vendors at this market. The market is located on Dearborn next to the Mango Bistro.

Venus Veggies

Venus veggies is one of many amazing vendors at the Englewood Farmers Market that is held every Thursday Oct to April 9am to 2pm.

You can find Venus Veggies online at Venus-Veggies on Facebook

Cypress Creek Wild Alaska Salmon

Meet our “Salmon Man” from Cypress Creek, for more info please visit his website

“Jingle Bell Rock” Flash Mob

You never know what can happen at our market… Happy Holidays Market Style… Flash Mob. The “Englewood Yoga Center” flash mob, took the market by suprise today with “Jingle Bell Rock” !!!

About the Vendor: Jonesez BBQ

Check out this new video made by Robert Nelson (from “Prosperitea” our spice and tea man). Robert will be doing videos of all the vendors at the Englewood Farmers Market. Thanks Robert!! Great job! And Mr Jonesez, you’re quite an actor… ; )

Englewood Farmers Market Time Lapse

Watch a day (or two) in the life of the Englewood Farmers Market… who knows you may see yourself shopping!!

Press Release: Englewood Farmers Market Continues Local Community Donations with $1,000 to T.A.S.K.

efm task chk


FRONT: Lucianna Carney, Savannah Grannan, Ella Piotrowski, Natalee Grannan, Myah Dickerson, Ava Sanchez, Alexa Smith
MIDDLE: Melissa Carney, Jaxon Carney, Jonas Sanchez, Gracie Leonard, Gabe Dickerson. George Baker, Jocelyn Reuss, Cole Grannan, Peyton Mason
BACK: Englewood Farmers Market committee (Mike Hutchinson, Ricardo Ruggiero, Marie Laforge, Evelyn Dales); Nichole Moranda, Trent Moranda, Veronica Grannan.


The Earth T.A.S.K. Crew is an adjunct program of The Open Studio. ETC was founded by three local women: Melissa Carney, Veronica Grannan and Nichole Moranda. T.A.S.K. stands for our core values of Teamwork, Accountability, Service and Kindness. This summer, with help from the Englewood Farmers Market, we facilitated outdoor and classroom activities that included hiking, wading, exploring, paddle boarding, field observations of flora and fauna, scavenger hunts, journal writing, nature and recycled art, geocaching/orienteering, soil/air/water experiments, lessons on self-esteem, team building games, and group service projects such as mangrove/shoreline cleanup, a mosaic to be donated to Lemon Bay Park, garden stepping stones to be donated to several community locations, an experimental archaeology exhibit on the Calusa to be displayed at Lemon Bay Park  and Kiddie Geocache Trail Construction at Lemon Bay Park. For more information please call (941) 662-5600

For more information please contact: Lee A. Perron, Market Manager, Englewood Farmers Market @ 941 548-7843 or  email: info@englewoodfarmersmarket.org

Press Release: Englewood Farmers Market Continues Local Community Donations with $1,000 to Lemon Bay Park

efm foscp lemonbay chkPictured left to right: Lemon Bay Park volunteer Laurel Rhodes, Englewood Farmers Market Committee members Evelyn Dales, Mike Hutchinson, Ricardo Ruggiero, Marie Laforge and Lemon Bay Park volunteer Gaby Ferland.

Most of us would spend a lot more time kayaking if our boats were waiting for us at the boat launch.  Well, the Friends of Lemon Bay Park are working on it.  With the support of the Englewood Farmers Market and parent organization Friends of Sarasota County Parks, the volunteer group is $1,000 closer to building a public kayak storage system at Lemon Bay Park, providing a secure waterfront storage location for kayaks, canoes and stand-up paddle boards.  The goal is to make accessing and enjoying a day on the water as easy and efficient as possible.  The storage bays would be available to the public to rent for a small fee that would be reinvested into park programs and projects.  The Friends of Lemon Bay Park have been actively fundraising to provide this amenity at the park.  If you would like to make a donation or contribute to the project, please call Lemon Bay Park at (941) 474-3065.

For more information please contact: Lee A. Perron, Market Manager, Englewood Farmers Market @ 941-548-7843 or email: info@englewoodfarmersmarket.org

New Vendors at the Market.

Come and check out our new vendors this Thursday!!!


Oltimes German Bakery of Fort Meyers, will start with their German breads, pretzels and pastries this Thursday at D7!


Beef Country butcher will also start with their meats and sausages! They’ll be at B9.



Stamper Cheese Company, our new Artisan cheese vendor from Chicago, is now in Florida and will begin this Thursday at C3.
Check them out: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stamper-Cheese-Company/212254005468303

The 3rd Season of the Market Has Started!


The Englewood Farmers Market has re-opened for its 3rd season. This year the Market will run until May 29th. So, mark your calendars, every Thursday from 9am to 2pm on Dearborn St. in the Old Englewood Village.

Our vendors are excited to be back and we are excited to have them back, so that we can buy their wonderful and tasty fresh products!

We are looking forward to a great season! See you Thursday.

NEW – Postcards at the Market!!!


Beautiful postcards like this will be available at the Market booth starting October 3rd!!

All the photos were taken in our Market.



Artwork by Marie Laforge

Englewood Farmers Market Video




Six visionaries were not sure what they were getting into when they pioneered the Englewood Farmers’ Market in November 2011. Would a Southwest Florida city of only about 15,000 people generate enough traffic to keep vendors profiting?

By the end of the market’s first season, Lee Perron and his team of founding members (Mike Hutchinson, Marie LaForge, Don Musilli, Jennifer Perry, and Ricardo Ruggiero) were dumbfounded.

What started with 17 vendors, 21 booths, and 1,500 daily shoppers in the fall had grown to 43 vendors, 50 booths, and 4,000 attendees by February. Now, the market’s organizers have a jam-packed waiting list, as well as a nod from last year’s Natural Awakenings magazine, to their credit.

The magazine’s readers’ poll rated the market the best in Florida, which boldly put the event on the state’s map and carved out Englewood as an economic driver for Sarasota County.

That demand pushed Perron and his cohorts to extend the duration of the market, bumping it up to October 1 and stretching it through the end of April. Located in historic downtown Englewood on Dearborn Street in the Olde Englewood Village, the market is held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Thursday, except for Thanksgiving Day.

Peddlers flock in from Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte counties, as well as from Port St. Lucie, Jensen Beach, and Miami. As of the most recent tally, there are 49 vendors in the lineup and 60 booths. In other words, the market is at full capacity and on the verge of overflowing.

“People come back for the fresh produce and baked goods. We have a certified organic farmer from Venus, Florida, called Venus Veggies, which is hugely popular because they pick produce from their farm on Wednesday and have it at the farmers’ market on Thursday,” Perron says. “We have French, Italian, and German bakers, and people who make gourmet cupcakes, biscotti, gluten-free pastries, and bagels. We have hummus, pickles, fudge, plants, bonsai trees, orchids, and fresh herbs. It’s a very unique and diverse shopping experience.”

The market is a success in its own right, but it has also invaluably transformed the image of Englewood as a city. “Last year, we had 70,000 people who came into our market (18,000 to 20,000 of them were new to the downtown area). Those people spent $1.4 million on the vendors in the very first season,” Perron says. “The market has made Englewood a focal point for people to gather, and the whole city is being revitalized because of it.” To market, everyone, to heed the hype.

Please check out the Edible Sarasota Magazine

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